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política de relações - introdução


From its early days, Unicafe has established a workplace culture that is based on trust, ethics, mutual respect and dialogue. Upholding these values is a day-to-day exercise that is paramount to all parties involved in Unicafe´s business activities in order to ensure that these values are always respected and reinforced.

This set of Fundamental Rights and Workplace Interactions Policy has been created in order to establish clear and transparent parameters, to generate internal and external publicity and also to turn the aforementioned values into practical and applicable workplace practices.

This policy seeks to reinforce Unicafe´s commitment to developing long-term business relationships through open dialogue with its employees and interlocutors, thus developing a sense of creating shared value.

Not only does Unicafe´s Fundamental Rights and Workplace Interaction Policy require that the applicable legislation be strictly followed, but it also serves as a guide when the legislation is lax or nonexisting.


The guidelines listed below reflect Unicafe´s values and must be observed and upheld thoroughly by the company´s employees, managers, independent contractors, suppliers and not otherwise specified partners, in all establishments and work environments, without fail.


Unicafe and its associates must:

  1. Thoroughly and diligently, comply with applicable labor, environmental, tax, civil and criminal legislation and governmental norms and laws;
  2. Comply with UN´s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO´s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  3. Observe internal norms and policies regarding organizing and conducting business, including the company´s Code of Conduct and the Right of Use of Land Policy;
  4. Constantly uphold the good-faith principle and act ethically in all business activities;
  5. Act in a way that is respectful of the environment as well as local communities by mitigating harmful effects that may derive from Unicafe´s activities;
  6. Treat everyone involved in Unicafe´s business dealings and activities with dignity and respect;
  7. Under no circumstances tolerate racial, sexual, social, religious, economical or gender discrimination in any form, or any other type of discrimination not mentioned previously;
  8. Ensure equal opportunity and equal treatment for all employees, including temporary, independent or seasonal employees or contractors;
  9. Never tolerate any form of sexual or moral harassment in the company or business dealings;
  10. Act in a way that is mindful of the health and safety of everyone involved in its dealings;
  11. Never allow slave or child labor in its company or in its suppliers;
  12. Respect the right to collective negotiation and free union association;
  13. Respect and maintain open dialogue with unions and structures dedicated to labor protection and governmental monitoring;
  14. Offer competitive and dignified workplace standards, especially in regards to wages, benefits, working hours, rest, health and safety. Furthermore, to offer working hours and rest ratios that enable everyone involved in Unicafe´s business dealings to harmonically carry out both their professional and personal lives;
  15. Never hinder others from freely exercising their political and social rights;
  16. Stimulate internal and external dialogue so as to welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement;
  17. Foster an environment where these guidelines will be followed by raising awareness of these guidelines to the groups hereto mentioned;
  18. Have an easy-to-access and legally binding way through which employees can file a formal complaint in case these guidelines are not followed;
  19. Establish applicable legal measures to report and punish – both administratively and legally – attitudes that disregard these guidelines.


Unicafe will make these guidelines available to its employees, partners and supplies. In addition, these guidelines will also be available to the general public, along with all of the company´s policies and codes of conduct, through Unicafe´s website:


Politica de Relações de trabalho - Detalhes