Code of Conduct




Not only does UNICAFÉ make high quality products, but it also does it in a way that reflects the company´s commitment to carrying out our business activities completely according to existing laws and following the principles of honesty and integrity. As such, our clients expect similar behavior from all our partners, especially our suppliers.

UNICAFÉ´s Corporate Business Principles establish certain values and principles to which UNICAFÉ is completely committed. This SUPPLIER CODE specifies and gives support to our Corporative Principles, so they are carried out and implemented continuously. It defines minimal and non-negotiable guidelines (Sections I – VII) and it demands that our suppliers, employees, agents and laborers (collectively referred to in this Code as “Suppliers”) respect the entire chain in each segment of our commercial activities. It is the Supplier´s responsibility to train their employees, agents and laborers to act in accordance to these standards. Acceptance of this Code binds the Supplier to follow its terms in all commercial agreements and relations with UNICAFÉ.

No discrimination
The supplier will not discriminate in their business and hiring practices in regards to race, color, religion, sex, age, physical capacity, nationality or sexual orientation.

Freedom of association and right to Collective Negotiation
Unless prohibited by public rules or policy, suppliers must grant their employees the right to freely associate and the right to collective negotiation.

UNICAFÉ supports and encourages the implementation of good operational, agricultural and livestock practices, as well as sustainable systems of agricultural production. These concepts are an essential part of UNICAFÉ´s supply strategy and supplier development. Likewise, UNICAFÉ expects its Suppliers to uphold that commitment and continually look for ways to improve their practices, making them more efficient and sustainable, with actions including but not limited to water conservation programs.

Freedom deprivation and forced labor
The Supplier must not, in any circumstances, use or obtain any benefit from forced labor. All labor in any way related to slave labor is prohibited, as well as the use of psychological punishment, confinement, threats of violence or any type of harassment or abuse as a method of discipline or control. The Supplier must not make use of facilities or production equipments that demand that work be done by laborers who do not receive any type of compensation or with abusive labor contracts; furthermore, the Supplier must not engage in manufacture contracts for UNICAFÉ´s products with subcontractors who are involved in these practices or make use of these facilities. The Supplier may hire laborers in prison or who are in rehabilitation programs without breaching the Code.

Child Labor
Child labor in all its forms is strictly prohibited for suppliers. Child labor is the use of children for mental or physical work, including work that is socially or morally dangerous or harmful to the children, or that directly interferes with their mandatory education, which is defined by local laws.

The workload
The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that its employees work in accordance to applicable laws and mandatory commercial and industrial standards in regards to the number of hours and days of work. In case of conflict between labor laws and mandatory commercial and industrial standards, the Supplier must act in accordance to national laws.

The Supplier must provide its employees with salaries and benefits which are in accordance to the law and to collective agreements, including the payment of overtime and other outstanding payments.

The Supplier must act in accordance to applicable laws that prohibit discriminatory practices on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, physical ability, nationality or any other criteria forbidden by law when hiring personnel or in any other professional conduct.

The workplace
The Supplier is responsible for providing its employees with safe and healthy work in an environment that is equally safe and healthy. At the very least, the Supplier must provide its employees with drinkable water, appropriate toilet facilities, emergency exits and basic emergency services, fire extinguishers, access to emergency health care as well as properly lit and adequately equipped workplaces. Furthermore, the facilities must be built and maintained according to the norms established in applicable codes and statutes.

Product quality and safety
All of the Supplier´s products and services must follow the norms and quality and safety parameters demanded by applicable laws. When establishing a commercial relationship with or on the behalf of NESCAFÉ, the Supplier must also meet UNICAFÉ´s quality parameters.

The Supplier must guarantee that its operations are carried out with proper care in regards to the preservation of the environment and in accordance to all laws and statutes applicable to the country where its products and/or services are manufactured and delivered.

The Supplier must ensure that all agricultural producers that act as their suppliers are informed of the terms and conditions stated in this Code, as well as of its meaning and what it means to follow it in their agricultural methods. The Supplier must use whatever communication methods it deems appropriate, which may include printed material (posters) in distribution centers and areas, as well as the promotion of training and qualification courses. This Code is part of UNICAFÉ´s Agricultural Service Team training programs. When UNICAFÉ establishes direct commercial contact with agricultural producers, alternative means of communication will be used to ensure that they understand all the terms and provisions stated in this Code.

UNICAFÉ holds the right to monitor whether the Code and its terms are upheld by Suppliers. In case of non-compliance UNICAFÉ may uphold its right to demand that the Supplier take immediate corrective measures. UNICAFÉ may also uphold its right to terminate any contract or business agreement with any Supplier that does not follow the Code.

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