Warehouses and Ports


UNICAFÉ has strategically located warehouses in Brazil´s main coffee producing areas, making use of efficient logistics to benefit the customer.

Coffee stock


Our product is stored in warehouses designed for optimal conservation of the product´s main characteristics and are quickly shipped once an order is placed.

UNICAFÉ´s warehouses are equipped with modern equipment that is constantly updated so as to sort, grade and process our coffee at all our locations. Utmost care is taken with our employee´s health and hygiene; all staff members must wear personal protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, earmuffs, face masks and gloves when handling the product.

The different types of coffee, which come from different producers in different regions, are organized in big bags so as to make it easier for the product to be received and shipped. It is worth noting that there are state-of-the-art safety systems in all our warehouses, ensuring complete safety.


Our warehouses are distributed as follows: in Minas Gerais there is a warehouse in the city of Varginha, which handles customers from the South of the state and another one which operates in the Zona da Mata area, in the city of Manhumirim; and, in Espírito Santo there is a warehouse in Vitória.

In the rural areas of São Paulo, such as Santos, and in the Cerrado area of Minas Gerais, we use third-party warehouses so as to ensure better customer service and coverage.

That way, UNICAFÉ´s total static storage capacity is approximately 600,000 bags of coffee.



UNICAFÉ does most of its export activities through the ports of Santos, Vitória and Rio de Janeiro.

ports and ships to export coffee

Our employees oversee incoming and outgoing products at each of these locations. The coffee weighing process is carried out in 3 steps: upon arrival at the warehouse, on leaving the warehouse for the port at the terminal itself. At the terminals, our outsourced containers are properly sealed.

The transport from the warehouse to the port is done by specially trained and certified transport companies. Drivers are qualified for transport, which is always done in convoys and monitored 24 hours a day. All cargo is insured and, in some cases, armed escorts are present during transport.