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Coopercam, Ajinomoto of Japan, Unicafé International Commerce Company and Marubeni Corporation.

On April 30th, 2018, Coopercam (Coffee Farmers from Campos Gerais and Campos do Meio Cooperative) along with Ajinomoto of Japan, Unicafé International Commerce Company and Marubeni Corporation opened a new Coffee Testing Room in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

This initiative seeks to provide coffee farmers and associates with a place completely dedicated to handling, classifying and analyzing locally grown coffee.

This project was first brought about through the joint efforts of Marubeni Corporation - one of the greatest coffee trading companies of Japan - and Unicafé International Commerce Company.

It was kicked off in March of 2016, after the initial presentation was carried out and both the initial and final goals and outcomes were established.

Unicafé International Commerce Company was the top choice as a partner company for this project as it meets all the necessary prerequisites such as experience in both national and international coffee market. Unicafé currently exports over 67 million bags to over 55 countries and sells 17 million bags in the Brazilian coffee market.

Unicafé's expertise in navigating different types of coffee markets and in understanding its peculiarities is a definite asset in the development of this project. Another strength is its thorough knowledge of coffee standards that meet the CBO (Official Brazilian Classification) and the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) protocols, which are business tools widely used in the coffee chain.

It was established that, in order to reach a high number of coffee farmers and to have a wide enough scope, the participation of a Cooperative would be paramount.

Coopercam (Coffee Growers of Campos Gerais and Campo do Meio Cooperative ) was the cooperative of choice due to its active role in its local area and its progressive vision of the coffee sector. As such, it became clear that Coopercam was fully compliant with the prerequisites for this partnership.

The opening of the Coffee Testing Room was attended by Coopercam's Directors, Managers and also its Administrative and Auditing board members. Other guests included: Ajinomoto of Japan's Directors, Iguaçú Instant Coffee Company Directors, Marubeni of Japan's Managers and representatives and Unicafé's International Commerce Company' s Directors.